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Adopting a child is an exciting time for new parents. But it can also be a drawn-out and complicated legal process. In a stepparent adoption, it is necessary to terminate the parental rights of either the father or mother. In a grandparent adoption, the parental rights of both the biological parents must be terminated. The adoption process in Texas involves a number of detailed steps requiring extensive paperwork. At the law offices of Bell & White can help you throughout the adoption process.

There are several key aspects to the adoption experience that our attorneys can assist you with, whether you are a natural parent or a potential adoptive parent. Our firm handles adoption cases including:

  • Grandparent Adoptions
  • Step-parent Adoptions
  • Termination of Parental Rights

The paperwork required for a legal Texas adoption is substantial and includes criminal background checks, establishment of necessary social studies, termination of parental rights, petitions for adoption and final approvals related to name change and issuance of the new birth certificate.

If you need legal guidance for an adoption matter we are here to help you explore your legal options.

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