Driving Without a Drivers License Defense

San Antonio Driving Without a Drivers License Defense Attorney

Have you been pulled over and are driving without a valid license? Driving without a valid license – whether the driver has a suspended or revoked license, or no license at all – is usually treated as a misdemeanor.

The consequences of being convicted of driving with a suspended license are serious. If you are convicted, you will get another suspension tacked on to your existing suspension as well as additional surcharges, fines and other penalties.

The Law Offices of Bell & White handle various drivers license suspension offenses including:

  • Refusing to take a chemical test (Breathalyzer, Intoxilyzer of blood alcohol test)
  • Failing a blood or breath test (submitting a sample testing with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 or greater)
  • Being arrested for DWI (driving while intoxicated and failing to request license suspension hearing
  • Being convicted of DWI
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol as a minor
  • Being convicted of a drug crime
  • Having unpaid traffic tickets or registration
  • Issues with your driver’s license in another state
  • Failure to pay surcharges or maintain car insurance
  • Not paying child support
  • Racing on a public highway
  • No insurance tickets

If you find out early enough, you can request an ALR Hearing to dispute your suspended license. If you do not have any idea why your driver’s license is suspended, we advise you get in touch with the Texas Department of Public Safety for verification.

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